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    by Published on 18th February 2012 01:36 PM
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    Since the lift of ban from selling rays in Singapore Local Fish Shop (LFS), I can see many newbies started to rear rays now. First of all, welcome to the ray keeping community in Singapore and welcome to AFT Forum.

    Rays have many different types of species to choose from. From the relatively more affordable rays like Motoro to High end rays like P14, P13 Black Diamond Variant. Whatever rays it is, it has its own beauty. The best thing is buy within your budget means and buy what you like and not for the sake of buying. It will be always entertaining to rear rays from pup stage till adulthood. Transformation on Rays is astonishing and great changes will be seen throughout the growing up stages. Be warned it is poisonous! Among all fishes, Rays are the ones more interactive with humans thus great fun to have such as tank mates in your tank!

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