• BCA founder tips on grooming

    One of the best Aquarium here in #Singapore. Blue Crystal Aquarium, founded by Mr Yap who is the most passionate and humble Aquarium owner we've met. Some of the rarest Arowanas can be found here. It was an eye opener, and learnt about the history and secrets of grooming this fish.


    00:00 Drone shot
    00:35 Introduction
    01:23 Albino Banjar Red Arowana
    01:35 Golden Crossback Arowana
    01:55 Super Red Arowana (Grade 1)
    02:16 Short Body Super Red Arowana (FFL)
    02:35 Green base Super Red Arowana
    03:57 Super Red Arowana
    04:20 Juvenile Bluebase Crossback
    04:26 Monster Fish Tank
    04:51 Albino Golden Crossback Arowana
    05:20 Xanthic Super Red Arowana
    06:01 Xanthic Super Red Arowana Feeding
    06:47 Baby Shortbody Golden Crossbacks (FFL)
    07:32 Long Fin Tin Foil Barb (TFB)
    07:45 Juvenile Black Diamond Stingray
    07:59 Start of Interview with Mr Yap (BCA)

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