• Pontianak Trip Part 2 - PD Cahaya Arwana Nusantara

    Dear all,
    Today being the first day of the New Year, here's wishing one & all, a Happier & Healthier 2015. May all your dreams and aspirations come true in the New Year!

    This was the very first farm we had visited, right after 8 hours of travelling and two flights later. We will always try our best to bring to you, not so commonly seen Reds here as well as Overseas. Well known for their quality Reds, this was one of the bigger farms among the five we had visited during this Christmas 2014 trip. The farm owner, Mr Pangkawira have even bought the land next to his present farm for his future expansion. Currently, this farm's main export market is China.
    As there are many tanks of quality Reds in the Cahaya farm, it took us longer than usual to pick our favourite fishes. By the time we have finished with our selection, you can imagine how tired we were ... And with no lunch for the day, we headed straight to our Hotel to check in and rest. And to order room service ...

    Do enjoy a small preview of the Cahaya farm. More reviews of other farms are coming up, hence, do keep a lookout for our new threads. Many thanks for the forthcoming support, cheers!

    Mrs Goh

    Access to this farm is mostly done thuough speed boats. This is the main entrance of the Cahaya farm on the Kapuas River.

    The first glimpse of the farm as you enter from the Kapuas River - a big bungalow being built on a huge reservoir (no fishes in it). With 3 bedrooms in the bungalow, guests can opt to stay overnight here.

    The fish quarantine areas, with numerous buildings of different shapes and sizes.

    A tankful of selected Chilli Reds at 6 inches - all with shorter but higher bodies and some with diamond shaped tails.

    Another tankful of selected Blood Reds at 6 inches - all with longer bodies, longer pectorals and mostly fan shaped tails.

    The main quarantine area of the Cahaya farm. To be frank, it was rather difficult to choose fishes based on these tanks' awkward heights.

    Two staff tagging our selected fishes on the spot - both productive and professional.

    After selecting the smaller fishes, albeit very tired, we still spent some time taking photos of their mid to adult sized Reds. What a high bodied and large tailed Red!

    My personal favourite - Spoon Head Red with a shorter body and long pectoral fins, too.

    Another Spoon Head Red with longer pectorals and larger, 3 back fins.
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