• Cosmetic surgery for sumo red arowana

    Hi guys,

    I am excited to share this procedure exclusively to AFT community only!

    I am very honored to have a specialist coming to my home to conduct cosmetic surgery for perfecting my sumo red arowana appearance. Glad I do not need to send it to Korea for the procedure.

    Target result: Double eye lids, facelift, and buttlift.

    Warning: Photos are not meant for faint hearted, please do not try it at home. This procedure is carried out by a specialist. No fish is harm in the making of these pictures.

    Catching out my sumo red arowana.

    Knock it out with anesthesia.

    Bite a cigarette before getting started.

    Focus on removing the fatty deposit behind arowana eyes.

    Look at the fats floating on water surface!

    Trimming of grills.

    Filing to enhance proportional growth of grills.

    Trimming of tail.

    In the making of big fan tail.

    Procedure was successfully completed.

    Watch "Cosmetic surgery for my sumo red arowana" on YouTube - Cosmetic surgery for my sumo red arowana:

    Proper care will be taken to allow best recovery.

    Thanks all AFT Bros for viewing. Have a nice day!! Cheers
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