• Tips for Grooming Arowana

    The most important factors for grooming arowana are:

    1) Lighting - 8 to10 hours daily of 6500k T5 (daylight)

    2) Environment - clear or white till about 15 inches or midsize. Even for red arowanas. Many years ago, I visited farms in Kalimantan, some farms even groom young red arowanas in white tanks. The reason for this is to the color (not red color) up to the 6th row as soon as possible.

    Read up on the following links, taken 12 years ago:



    3) Good water quality- This is the most important factor , it will be the hardest to master.

    I would like to highlight to hobbyists that there are differences between using 1 T5 daylight and using 3-4 T5 tubes. You will achieve very different results. Having some form of daylight lighting in the fish tank is a must regardless what fishes you keep. If your fish tank is near the window and it get sunlight daily then it is good. If not, use 1 T5 daylight 8-10 hours daily. If you keep a fish in total darkness for 6 months it will become dull and unattractive.

    Another important fact that I would like to highlight is that xback must be kept in white or at least clear tank during its growth stage for proper grooming. Don't worry about no gold tone, no base color etc. After 12-15 inches (15 inches for better result) you can change the background to blue or black, you will get back you deep gold tone + strong base color.

    Hobbyists always ask me how to change the background of a 5 feet tank with back against the wall. Well the answer is HARD. The next time you buy a new tank, have it all clear without any color. Then glue white/black or blue paper on to a cardbroad with magnetic strip to stick it on to the back of the tank. If it sounds too complicated, just tell the fish tank manufacturer that you like to change the background color weekly, he will know what to do.

    Author: William (DFI)
    Editor: neosh

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