• AFT's Vision, Mission and Objectives

    ArowanaFishTalk.com (AFT) - Our Fish Forum of Choice

    New Learning, Great Contribution, Enriching Experience

    Our Shared Vision

    AFT is our fish forum of choice. We are always committed in providing a friendly & positive platform to constantly aligning our commitments to cater for the needs of all true fish hobbyists from all over the world.

    Our team is dedicated in this ever dynamic, forward-looking and enchanting environment.

    We embrace the pillars of:


    We create a cohesive learning culture.

    We encourage 2-ways contributions (Forum & Members) for the benefit of all, in the spirit of Sharing, Learning & Growing together.

    We have fulfilling and enriching experiences as every of our activities, threads & posts are aiming towards an enriching learning experience.


    AFT Forum is organised for Sharing, Educational & Recreational (SER) purposes. The goal is to spread the joy and excitement in fish keeping throughout the community and to provide a world-class services for all fish enthusiasts.


    1. Provides a platform for hobbyists to freely discuss and share information on fish-keeping.
    2. Promotes fish-keeping hobby to newbies.
    3. Serves as a bridge between hobbyists and LFS/farms.
    4. Forges three pillars (Forum, Hobbyists and LFS/Farms) together to support the fish-keeping community.

About Us

    ArowanaFishTalk.com (AFT) is a forum devoted to fish-keeping hobbyists from all over the world. Let's share our fish-keeping experiences here.

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