• Merodontotus Tigrinus (Brachyplatystoma Tigrinum)

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    Update: There has now been a change of name for this species in Year 2005. It is now known as Brachyplatystoma tigrinum.

    Common Name: Tiger-striped catfish, Zebra Shovelnose

    Family: Pimelodidae

    Distribution: South America: Amazon River basin

    Size: Up to and over 60.0cm (24inch)

    Temp: 22 -26°C (71-79°F)

    pH.: 6.5 - 7.5.

    Hardness: 4-30° dGH

    Long upper jaw. First rays of the dorsal and pectoral fins are described as being flexible and not pungent. Long maxillary barbels reaching back to the posterior of the dorsal insertion. Small eyes laterally placed.

    Yellow to almost white base colour to the body with black stripes. Most of the fins share this same colour pattern of that of the body of this catfish. Head area from snout to insertion of dorsal fin, devoid of stripes.

    Suggested tank mates! anything that does not constitute a meal, I would suggest some of the larger Characins as opposed to any other catfish, which may compete for territory. Most enthusiasts would keep this catfish as a single specimen in a display aquarium.

    There are no known obvious external sexual differences

    Not recorded.

    As these are predatory catfish they prefer meaty foods such as whole prawns, mussels, pieces of fish and earthworms etc.

    The Tigrinus can be somewhat delicate. They do not tolerate high nitrates especially well and may stop feeding because of such conditions, so regular water changes will help avoid such complications. Also, these fish respond badly to low amounts of oxygen, so proper aeration and current should be provided for these fish.
    These fish should not be overfed, which can lead to death.

    Source: http://www.scotcat.com/factsheets/br...a_tigrinum.htm
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