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    by Published on 13th May 2014 08:22 PM
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    Hi guys, just wanna share my recent study of arowana's scale problems.

    History: I've been keeping arowanas for years, golden ones, and have been experiencing many of the common problems that most amateurs face. Gill curl, drooping eye, chipped scales, etc. Took me quite some time and lots of solid research done to finally find a solution for diminishing scale problems.

    Process of Receding Scales

    It all starts from a little edge abrasion. Whenever the arowana makes a turn, its body will bend, causing the scales to rub against each other. Weak scales will experience abrasions from the edges of neighbouring scales. This causes a "chipped" effect. However, it doesn't happen overnight, it is due to constant abrasion from movements.
    by Published on 5th April 2014 11:11 AM
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    I would like to share my 2 DIY projects on Lake Tanganyika rocky habitat that I had done during the last few years.

    1st DIY - Underwater Cavern Rockwork
    2nd DIY - 3-D Cavern Background

    My 1st DIY - Underwater Cavern Rockwork (3x1.5x1.5)ft tank

    It all began when I had my first frontosa, an imported rare 7-stripe Kigoma frontosa many years ago. Since then, I have always been fascinated with Lake Tanganyika cichlids and its rocky habitat.
    Through the years, I had been collecting many large heavy rocks and travelled island wide to get more and more rocks, yet I couldn’t achieve the desired natural rockscape that is pleasing, firm and safe when they are stacked
    in the tank.
    I had ideas but I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out. Nevertheless the passion of DIY was the driving force to create my own ‘designer rocks’ that would be tall with strong foundation and also I have to come out with a sizeable piece that would be very much lighter than the weight of a similar size natural rock, or else
    by Published on 6th January 2013 02:08 PM
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    Many first time Arowana hobbyist has the fright of their life when the aro die on them, minutes or hours after they are introduced to the new tank at home. Arowana is considered to be a hardy fish but when subject to sudden changes of water condition, it can be fatal. Apart from acquiring healthy fishes from reputable aquarium shop or farm, hobbyist should also take additional measures as follows:
    1. Prepare tank with well-aerated over-night water.

    This allows the dissipation of chlorine which is harmful to the fish when in excess amount, into the air. Should there be any time constraint in the tank set-up, anti-chlorine solution is available commercially and can be found in most aquarium shop.

    2. To maintain a low level of water which is sufficient for the arowana to swim freely. (depend on arowana size... if too small swimming in big space.. how?)

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