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  1. Beginners' Guide to Keeping fishes
  2. How To Lower pH ?
  3. Aquarium Fishes and setups
  4. Types of filtration
  5. Comparison of filter medias
  6. Filter Box
  7. Ozonation
  8. Any lifespan for filter media?
  9. Do you really change your Bio-media?
  10. Use of an aquarium Ultra Violet Sterilizer
  11. Maintenance after puttin' pebbles..
  12. Pratical Fishkeeping Advise
  13. Water Change
  14. Need advise
  15. sharing - poor man - DIY sump.. NOT Mine!
  16. pics of my filtration
  17. The filtration of my tank. (Explanation and pics)
  18. Substrates, Ornaments & Accessories In Your Tank - What You Need To Know?
  19. Maintenance of bioballs in EOS
  20. red worms issue
  21. Caniter filteration for 5ft tank
  22. 28 August 2010 - D.I.Y Add On Filter For IOS
  23. Filtration Acronyms and Abbreviations
  24. Different Types of Filters
  25. Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP)
  26. water in canister level
  27. Water change duration
  28. Suitable flowrate pump for 4ft and 5ft OHF
  29. Sump or OHF?
  30. Sharing DIY Over Flow - How It Works
  31. Questions on IOS of Tank
  32. Sump Maintenance - Backbreaking Chores?
  33. Help with interpretation of water test results.
  34. filteration and white worm stuff issue
  35. sharing my small tank DIY
  36. about LED lighting.
  37. ? best way to clear muddy pond water?
  38. Ozone generator set-up
  39. Battle with Hi Nitrate- Uphill Task?
  40. Sunsun hw303b external filter - queries
  41. UV light?
  42. Algae Scrubber
  43. Rio 32HF reviews?
  44. can this support a 2ft tank
  45. New tank requirements..
  46. Cloudy eye both internal and external
  47. How to repair air pump for fish tank
  48. Baxter 3 in1 anti chlorine
  49. Eheim pro3 2080 canister
  50. pH at 5! Need urgent help!
  51. Advice on SUMP and IOS
  52. New seneye could save your fishes' lives
  53. DIY Aquarium Chiller
  54. How to remove Green water in pond
  55. The tank one day before of the disaster
  56. FishTank
  57. 6ft tank
  58. comment on my tank setup
  59. is there any easy n simple or alternative way to check water parameter????
  60. k1 filter
  61. tap water treatment vs pale water treatment
  62. need help
  63. Filter media lifespan
  64. calibration liquid. PH7 and PH10
  65. Ammonia readings sky high!!!
  66. Nitrite readings high!!!!
  67. meters, meters , reading n reading
  68. Something not right after wc
  69. My FTS
  70. uv lighting
  71. Reuse media??
  72. Air Pump Recommendation
  73. Bare tank after some back breaking transformation
  74. Nitrate 0-10ppm means do not need to WC?
  75. Can Tap filter soften the water?
  76. Avoid Water Change...
  77. [Survey]: Which anti-chlorine product are you using for changing fish tank water?
  78. NEW tank setup for arowana!
  79. Fgt or glass tank which is more lasting.
  80. where to buy a good/power AC/DC Air Pump and What Brand is the best
  81. Weekly water change with Reverse Osmosis Water
  82. How to put Tiles at the Bottom Glass of the Aquarium. Help!
  83. Mini Monster Tank
  84. As per request
  85. ketapang extract
  86. busy weekend
  87. Wireless IP Camera for your fishes
  88. Where to buy tank divider suitable for 2.5ft width and 2.5th height.
  89. Nirox carbon & ammoniom ..
  90. Who Know how to cycle a tank within a week ?
  91. Can place ceramic rings on the gravels instead of in the filter??
  92. Shifting of my FGTs Day
  93. Question from newbie.. need seniors help..
  94. Electricity and water usage calculator
  95. 29 January 2012 - NAN Light Holder Enforced
  96. SODIS (Solar water disinfection)
  97. Surface Skimmer
  98. Benchmark of filter media performance in Moving bed filtration
  99. Stackable OHF vs Canister filter
  100. Mr Aqua OHF..
  101. What is the different type of BB water
  102. Filter Bacteria
  103. My new combination of an OHF with 2 canister
  104. Oyama or no oyama??
  105. ACDC lighting
  106. Moving bed filtration.....
  107. Where to buy a ohf for 3 ft tank??
  108. Best lighting for xback
  109. Nitrate filtration
  110. Ph drop after feeding
  111. gravel for arowana
  112. custom made iron stands
  113. Low PH
  114. Ph of water
  115. Help needed to replace atman canister filter locking lever
  116. Market Prawn.
  117. Baxter 3 in 1 !
  118. Japanese mat
  119. how to achieve crystal clear water without any chemical help ?
  120. My planted Sump setup and the load it handles
  121. Question on Rio and Where to find replacement parts
  122. better option
  123. Extreme cloudy water after wc
  124. Green Water
  125. APi Test kits reading as follows,still cycling ?
  126. Is flow rate more impotant or amount of media??
  127. Filter size?
  128. Need recommendation for 422 OHF pump
  129. Aquaponics Filtration
  130. Transporting media while keeping the bb alive.
  131. What to do with 200pcs of bio balls?
  132. Water from pipe causes the water to turn cloudy.
  133. Submerise pump for 5x2x2.5 tank?
  134. 1,2 or 3
  135. Lighting modification for super bright light.
  136. 50L K1 Media in Drum filter
  137. Reccomendation for canister filter
  138. What are these media?
  139. Anyone used Ocean Free's Nature Earth before?
  140. Anyone know where to get cheap biohome from KL cheras?
  141. Mudball - Solution to sludge & slime.
  142. Lighting for 2.5ft height
  143. sharing my new tank
  144. PSB (Photosynthetic Bacteria)
  145. Bio-ball fully submerge in sump tank. Nitrate 0ppm.
  146. My new 4x2x2
  147. The Nitrification Cycle
  148. Uv light and good bacteria
  149. Help with green water
  150. Sump Sillicon
  151. Why Algae is important
  152. DIY Led strips steps by steps
  153. what is different NAN, T5/8 and LED light ? please enlighten
  154. Recommendation for Cannister Filter Media
  155. Some work-in-progress ponds of my friend
  156. setting up a small pond
  157. Questions regarding cycling of tank.
  158. Outdoor FGT
  159. Epsom Salt & pH
  160. How to arrange my medias in my stackable filtration?
  161. OF Hydra 30
  162. Thickness of styrofoam under FGT
  163. lava rocks and coral chips
  164. My simple 4ft tank setup
  165. My Tank
  166. plywood
  167. Help with my power head placement
  168. Zeolite filtration
  169. Bare bottom tank question .
  170. Nutrafin cycle
  171. my filtration setup
  172. Water PH for arowana
  173. Setting up an IOS tank
  174. DIY PVC Overflow
  175. Planning to make a Moving bed filter.
  176. Is surface skimmer necessary for arowana tank
  177. Proper aerating of arowana aquarium
  178. [HELP] from all experts or old birds ;)
  179. Journey to totto DIY filter
  180. Setting a 6 x 2.5 x2.5 soon? Any Advice?
  181. Which LFS sell K1 media?
  182. My new 5x2.5x2.5 tank
  183. something that i found in the web
  184. Recommended flow rate for a 3tier ohf on a 4x2x2 tank.
  185. FGT with Glass panel
  186. Does OHF always give drpping sound?
  187. Comm tank 6x2.5
  188. Placement of external filter cannister
  189. When it is time to change Hiblow?
  190. What Airpump is suitable?
  191. API Stress Zyme Users
  192. How to clear the dirt stuck in the media
  193. Sharing My comm Tank 4x1.5x1.5...
  194. Setting up a new 6 x 2.5 x 2h tank
  195. "Seneye" Aquatic Monitor, is it accurate?
  196. Customised Bio-Sponge
  197. Thanks johnny,dinopeh and Ervin
  198. Easy DIY stuff to share
  199. Shape of aro tank :)
  200. 3-way elbow PVC Fitting help?
  201. Substrate vs bare bottom
  202. Custom made 3ft braceless tank, advise needed.
  203. pH affect performance of nitrobacter
  204. Bubbles on the top surface of water
  205. Pros & Cons Of Using Bio-Earth
  206. where to find Ocean free undergravel filter tray??
  207. Light, tank size and filtration questions
  208. BIO media
  209. One day a brother came to my house and gave me this advice
  210. Where to get demi-balls that are used in denitrator?
  211. What to do with an empty tank???
  212. Effectivess Of Protein Skimmer
  213. Help needed with set-up
  214. Arowana vitalizer & black water
  215. Can convert 5' tank sump set to become Big Sump set for 4 x 6' tanks?
  216. Need tips with drilling side of sump.
  217. Anybody knows where to buy 6ft metal planks to support my OHF
  218. Installing a tap at the bottom of tank
  219. Air con waste water
  220. Where to DIY or buy FGT filter box?
  221. How many brand Of BB You Used?
  222. Aeration and Ammonia removal....
  223. Tank background
  224. Tunze recirclation pump
  225. nutrafin water conditioner cause water bubbles on surface
  226. nitrate level
  227. bubbles
  228. Tension Gon
  229. How to prevent feeders, MP, SW in the OF Compartment
  230. sump or canisters?
  231. Nitrate Absorber - Panda Leaves?
  232. Need help from shifu and professionals!
  233. Anyone use S1 to quarantined feeders?
  234. PH Readings In Sump & Tank
  235. Is Aeration ENOUGH?
  236. Why you shouldn't sald for you arowana and other freshwater fish :)
  237. My now empty 422.5ft tankset with 2ft low profile solid wood stand
  238. filtration questions
  239. bacteria house
  240. Fish tank metal stand got some rust.
  241. PH Keeping going lower and lower
  242. Which Aquatic Plant Is The Best Adsorber Of Nitrate
  243. Micro bubbles
  244. How to de rust your tank stand
  245. SHOW OFF your Sump tank
  246. How to know. when to replace tank?
  247. Best pH, GH and kH level.
  248. Just to show my newly set up tank!
  249. Using RO/DI water for WC
  250. How many aro can i keep =)