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  1. discussion - so wat is hole on aro head? pls advise.
  2. How to solve a problem like whitespot?
  3. Why my pleco and Cory dying one by one?
  4. Cloudy eye/bubble in the eye
  5. arowana head upward?
  6. Tail bones coming out? look like needle poking out. HELP!
  7. Arowana problem
  8. What kind of infection is this? Kindly take a look.
  9. Arowana
  10. Arowana Not Eating for weeks
  11. helphelp i have 3 problem
  12. Ho sei Liao... Is this scale infection?
  13. Arowana with Bent Spine
  14. Advice needed
  15. Arowana swollen belly - help!
  16. ray floating on surface on water.
  17. Need Advised Urgently!!!!!
  18. arowana scale poped up
  19. Is daily feeding doing more harm than good?
  20. Urgent Help advice needed: Aro total loss of scale and slime!
  21. some grey colors found around top of keiberi eyes
  22. Gatf eyes help !!!
  23. some info on aquarium dieases
  24. Droopy Eye operation??
  25. aro gill problem
  26. Curing Aro losing Slime / rot / whatever
  27. CATFISH sickness advise.
  28. Upside down
  29. separation of siamease twins aros
  30. Aro hit against something
  31. Tig Swollen stomach
  32. My Exp in Curing Aro Sickness
  33. Sudden death syndrome
  34. Inconsistent Hole at Lateral Line
  35. Need help urgently !!!!!!!
  36. Will Water Change Cause Cloudy Eye
  37. need help! arowana turned pale and not eating!
  38. Treating Aro's cloudy eye.
  39. Ocean Free Arowana medication usage.
  40. Cham ah cham ah!!~
  41. How to cure arowana tail pimple?
  42. How can I cure protruding anus
  43. Cloudly eyes
  44. help needed for my flowerhorn
  45. Fail Comm
  46. hey guys im new and i need help desperately!
  47. Warning to those stay in Sengkang
  48. Injured RTG
  49. Injured RTG
  50. What are the signs of aggresion that needs a fish to be seperated in a comm tank?
  51. Abnormal IT always at top surface breathing.
  52. Fungus growing on ray??
  53. if your aro is fuzzy eater...
  54. Silver Aro and RTG Fighting in community tank
  55. 24K Raffles XB turned upside down with huge bloated tummy
  56. How to Cure Aro DE ?
  57. What are good medication to have on hand for Arowana
  58. Arowana not eating
  59. swim bladder disorder
  60. Need Help urgent
  61. Return n found Aro scales ...
  62. is this cloudy eye on my aro?
  63. pls help diagnose what wrong with my tank
  64. Heater killed my fishes
  65. Help white fuzz on my AT
  66. Help on my arowana.. Urgent..
  67. Cure Cloudy eyes help !!!!! Urgent
  68. Help! Don't know what is that on my SR
  69. Arowana eye got white white thing?
  70. Kel sinking to bottom of tank
  71. urgent help now!!!!
  72. Help urgently !!! My kelberi eyes got something
  73. aro did mad dash around tank
  74. How to cure cloudy eye in PB
  75. White spots on my kelberi
  76. What disease is this?
  77. Someone can explain what is this ???
  78. the sight all hates seeing....
  79. do u deworm ur fishes
  80. Can someone advise this?
  81. Chip scale or diseases???
  82. Eye problem in PB
  83. Pimple on aro barbel
  84. Protruded anus n sunken stomach
  85. Fish sick
  86. what is this??
  87. Epsom Salt for popped eyes - sharing
  88. ITs rubbing their bodies / eyes against the floor or walls. y?
  89. Types of Stress/Poisoning for Fishes
  90. White spot on the top scale of Aro
  91. something is wrong?
  92. My BDLEO not moving after cw
  93. Help for Fin tear/rot
  94. Droopsy fish treatment
  95. Worms on glass wall
  96. My XB stunded
  97. IT comes with white patches even on eyes.
  98. Today 3 fishes died
  99. Can styrofoam bits kill?
  100. Gar Body got bend
  101. How to diagnose a fish ailment?
  102. Advice on Eiho parzi gold ad metro cure
  103. What are some of the medicine you'll have at home?
  104. Any bro capable to cut aro that has gill curl?
  105. Is it normal for a ray to shed the skin after water change
  106. Lucky draw xb died
  107. Is reddness on fish, especially underbelly, a bad sign?
  108. Wound on Ray's underbelly...
  109. My Arowana is having some white thingy on his head
  110. scale drop
  111. Help on Arowana Splashing around / Unstable display
  112. Need help on its fins
  113. Help. Aro breathing heavy and dashing after water change.
  114. cloudy eyes
  115. Aro Tail Bite
  116. Fin Gone, Would Grow Back?
  117. What's that on my Red?
  118. Help Needed !
  119. Worms ...
  120. Bubble inside fish eye. Normal !?
  121. Swim bladder Problem, any cure?
  122. Betta looks sick
  123. Disease ?
  124. Scratches on Tiger's eye and lips
  125. Tigirinus can stand epson salt or salt
  126. what's this? Will fish die.
  127. pleco can't take high kH?
  128. Fungus?
  129. Cichlid upper lip problem need advice
  130. Urgent need help on my ray eye
  131. what wrong wit my aro sacle?
  132. Ray passing out ballon
  133. Datnoid red patches.
  134. Can gatf snout injuries recover?
  135. a very shocking death
  136. Help for my dorado
  137. Protuding anus
  138. Aro breathing hard
  139. need help and advice
  140. Advice needed
  141. Need help
  142. RIP Tig
  143. Suspected Broken Operculum
  144. HELP - White worms in my tank
  145. Common Symptoms on Fishes
  146. Scales Rot ?
  147. can tinfold bark stand high dose salt
  148. HELP NEEDED - IT Cloudy Eyes
  149. How I cure Pop Scales
  150. pls help, my fish nomnom by my arowana
  151. 1 of my Blue Diamond not eating
  152. help!!! my arowana tail starting to turn white
  153. slimy substance on my fish
  154. Help anchor worms in my tank
  155. HELP Needed... Gar Scale
  156. Rot Scales
  157. Euthanasia - Terminate Life to End Pain and Suffering
  158. Neon tetra disease?
  159. my new aro not eating for 5 days
  160. what cause sunken eyes/belly
  161. Need advice buddies. My Arowana left grill opened. What happened?
  162. Columnaris and Guppies
  163. Aro back above water level ? Advice needed. TQ.
  164. Need advise
  165. sunken belly
  166. Sotong Barbel
  167. Need advise
  168. Urgent need help- ph low
  169. Injured Clown Knife fish
  170. Negative effects of melafix?
  171. Anchor worms - removal & prevention
  172. Sucker Fish
  173. help my aro tail got problem
  174. Treatment with potassium permanganate....
  175. is it normal?
  176. arowana fin need help
  177. anchor worm
  178. aro chipped scale problem
  179. How to treat fish lice
  180. Tig stung by ray
  181. Rays medicines - cans and cannots
  182. Need help for my sick ranchu
  183. Need advice for my aro
  184. chlorine burn on aro
  185. help'white stuff'
  186. Urgent help!!!
  187. Xb kena anchor worm!!!!
  188. mahseer eyes problem
  189. Salt Usage and Dosage
  190. Arowana - Hole in the Head - HELP!
  191. Shouldn't Arowana develop it's color from bottom up?
  192. Scale drop off due to jumping
  193. small xback floating with its tummy facing up with red streaks on scales
  194. Loach dying one by one.
  195. Problem with my ehb eye
  196. Aro gill plate have a hole.
  197. Unknown yellow growth on pleco
  198. Aro eyes
  199. Pleco died no reason after wc :(
  200. plj?
  201. it this normal
  202. Gill fluke in Discus
  203. Gar not eating
  204. i just witness SDS
  205. Ray stress .
  206. Skin problem on my IT
  207. Something wrong with my fish
  208. White Thing Growing out from African Aro scale, Ich?
  209. how to treat aro with open scale
  210. White spot
  211. Humpback gar
  212. What is wrong with this Arowana ?
  213. armatus staying one position and not eating ?
  214. Yellow Tail Arowana Barbel , Tail , Dorsal & Anal Fin Recovery
  215. Is this ph burn or fungus?
  216. Aro's tail
  217. Anyone tried removing chipped scales?
  218. pic of my eel. skin coming off
  219. 3" PB mouth cannot close!!!
  220. Urgent help!!!
  221. Need advice ...
  222. Ray not eating
  223. Need Help - My fishes seem rapidly breathing
  224. Need help - Mosquitos
  225. Death of NGT
  226. Is my ranchu sick?
  227. med to recommend for sbp.
  228. My long time big butterfly koi passed
  229. Parasite attack
  230. Arowana Clamped fins
  231. Need advice ..
  232. Eye problem of Tiger fish
  233. Stunted growth on my ERH
  234. Do you pts your fish?
  235. Pleco from lfs
  236. Bichir gettign scared easily
  237. 12inch Red Mahseer
  238. is this fungal?
  239. White stuffs on parrot. Please help!!!
  240. Pls help Aro always at bottom of the tank
  241. Arowana slant swimming
  242. It cloudy eye
  243. all fish died in 1 night
  244. Wriggly Worms in my Tank - Disgusting !!!
  245. Pimples on Aro Tail
  246. Some fungus like attachment on arowana caudal area
  247. Slimes peeling off my Endli. Please help.
  248. Medicine to quarantine feeder fish before feeding
  249. White fungus on fish eye
  250. Aro got white pimple near e tail area..